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  • Accountable. Compassionate. Experienced.
  • We are a neutral third party who admnisters or manage estates. We bring peace where conflicts or distance creates "orphan elders".
  • If there is conflict between family members, ACE can help keep conflict from eroding your estate. We assist "orphan elders" for generations to come.
  • We act acccording to your written wishes to protect your assets and minimize the types of errors non-professionals make, such as lack of trustee reporting or errors in distributions, to name a few.


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  • We make transitions less stressful and easier for you and your family.
  • ACE honors your choices, and your wishes. Your family attorney puts your wishes in writing in your estate plan.
  • By selecting ACE to be your trustee and asking an attorney to document your wishes, you will be more likely to avoid a conservatorship. The emotional and financial cost of conservatorships are high due to time in court, legal fees, and other requirements.
  • Preserve the peace in your family and ease the burden on others by choosing us to handle your estate, trust, or a special needs trust for a loved one.


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  • A fiducary is charged to carefully steward your financial or trust needs. They are responsible for following the terms of the trust, as set forth in the trust document. A professional trustee is a must when you want to create a charitable trust and avoid IRS scrutiny.
  • ACE employs highly qualified and knowledgeable licensed fiduciaries. We are experienced in the legal, financial, and family interactions involved in handling estates. We get things done with accountability, compassion, and excellence.
  • We were founded by a professional, licensed, fiduciary who has completed over 10,000 hours in this field. When you want an affordable, effective agent, or private trustee to handle your trust, contact The ACE Fiduciary Group, A Non-Profit Corporation.