"Your life today is your letter to the future."

                                                             - The Author of Happy Endings

Leverage Your Legacy

Think of a rock climber.  He leverages pre-planning, using the right equipment, and strategic placement at precarious points to make it to the top.

You have built a lifetime of memories and a legacy, through sweat and persistence.  You want to free up your estate holdings to be used for your designated desires – to care for your spouse and yourself; to give your heirs a blessing; and perhaps to build a better future through a charity. These are worthy uses of your legacy. 

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  • What if you started a business a while ago and it is now time to sell, but you might pay a sizeable capital gains tax?
  • What if you and your husband accumulated rentals in previous decades and you want to free yourself of the hassle so you can use some of the equity for your needs as you age?
  • What if you have a large IRA account and would like to make a gift to a charity?
  • What if you want a roadmap for your transition decision?

There are some good times to consider a few techniques that will free up more of your estate for your needs or for your heirs. Not only that, research into successful aging consistently identifies multiple benefits from exercising an attitude of gratitude and giving with a generous mindset. When you know your estate will do honor to your legacy and provide more for your chosen beneficiaries, it feels like a million bucks.

If you have property with low tax basis and high risk due to the following:

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  • A large capital gains tax (estimated over $3 million)
  • An undiversified portfolio
  • A portfolio which is not liquid
  • Assets which are difficult to sell, but carry a high value

It’s time to leverage the skills of savvy and trusted advisors to help you use your legacy for good.
You don’t have to travel the transitions alone. The ACE Fiduciary Group can help you create a roadmap for your needs as well as for the next generation.