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Collaborative Conservatorships

Not all cases involve high family conflict. Even when they do, family situations can improve with a neutral fiduciary. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work are situations that become collaborations with family members.  Our role as Conservator is extremely important to provide the legal authority to act on someone’s behalf, and while…
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Don’t Lose Your Valued Client to Dementia

An interview between fiduciary and investment advisor One of the crucial members of an effective support system for aging family members and clients is their investment advisor. Professionals that interact with their clients regularly, such as investment advisors and tax preparers, can often see the decline over time that can come with dementia. We wanted…
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California Donors Can Stay Anonymous

Some folks prefer to remain anonymous when they support non-profits. Now California donors who give over $5,000 to a non-profit can remain anonymous due to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling as of June 30, 2021.  See this article by NPR for more details. Read in NPR’s article by Nina Totenberg here: At ACE Fiduciary…
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Building a Crockpot Legacy

Like a recipe for the children’s story of Stone Soup, we describe below “ingredients” you might consider adding to our crockpot. This is how we can join forces to slowly build a legacy of education and excellent fiduciary services for the communities we serve – “orphan elders” and disabled adults in Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa,…
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Peter’s Story: A Case Study

Peter had a tragic childhood. His mother and he fled his birth country due to persecution. Eventually, he learned a second language and emigrated to the United States, where he became a teacher. Since he was single and he saved money, his estate upon his death, was worth over $5,000,000. Since he had no living…
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Donating IRA Assets to Charity

Donating IRA assets to a charity of your choice is one of the simplest ways to have a significant impact on the future. When you find a non-profit whose cause aligns with your values, you have two great options to use your IRA account to the max. Option #1: When you see your IRA account…
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When Families Collide

Co-authored by Loren A . Emmanuel and Victoria Greenleaf Some families learn how to make decisions together, respecting each other even through conflict and differences of opinion.  Others do not. When the needs arising from a family member’s aging creates worry in other family members and friends, decisions can become difficult for many families.  The…
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Mark Shaw


“She exercises wisdom and prudence”

Mande De Rome

Care Manager

“Loren is great with boundaries and professionalism”

David B. Pastor


“Loren is able to handle conflict in inter family issues.”

Francesca Vogel

Homecare Assistance

“Partners and works well with her team of trusted advisors”

Ronald Greenwald

“Trustworthy. Her operation is a 10/10 on integrity.”

Mande De Rome

Care manager

“Loren is great at connecting with clients and building trust. Shows great empathy and patience”

Emily Thompson

“High level of expertise in trusts and estate matter. Listens with empathy and patience.”

Sharon Vanderpool

“Thank you for your help, we all appreciate your kindness and responsiveness. We are so grateful.”