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What Is Your Legacy?

(Republished from The Fifth Chapter Blog, original date 10/29/11) I have finished my Saturday chores. A practice that still evokes my mother busily catching up on cleaning after a week of full time work, and prodding me to do the same. She always told me her mother said, “Do your duties before you play” so I could…
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Brain Teasers or The Smell Test?

(Republished from The Fifth Chapter Blog, original date 10/28/11) There is a lot of research about brain function these days. No cure looming on the horizon, but some interesting possibilities that can either help stave off or detect early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. With our bounding border collies in tow we recently attended the Walk to End…
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When A Family Feud Needs An Umpire

(Republished from The Fifth Chapter Blog, original date 10/20/11) A family in conflict is not a pretty sight. Before you know it, a family can begin litigation over the family jewels; the family dog; or most often control of assets. It can get ugly very quickly. Litigation squanders family resources, but sometimes it is inevitable.…
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Small Boxes Have The Best Surprises!

It’s the time of year when some of the best surprises come in small packages. When we received that first check from an escrow company, I thought it was a mistake. We spoke with the escrow officer and she said, “There is no mistake. This check was directed to go to The ACE Fiduciary Group…
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Story Slam – The Ex-Nun

It was a chain-smoking ex-nun who taught me what my job required. More than the law firm, more than the fiduciary classes, she taught me that my job is often as “midwife into heaven”. She was one of the first “orphan elders” I helped as trustee and health agent. She taught me that an educated…
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Capacity Under the Law

(Republished from The Fifth Chapter Blog, original date 10/3/11) I had a recent call from someone whose aging husband had uncharacteristically decided to call their stockbroker to place an order to buy stocks during a recent dip in the market. He had not been involved with the financial management previously. He exercised control over assets that while…
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Mark Shaw


“She exercises wisdom and prudence”

Mande De Rome

Care Manager

“Loren is great with boundaries and professionalism”

David B. Pastor


“Loren is able to handle conflict in inter family issues.”

Francesca Vogel

Homecare Assistance

“Partners and works well with her team of trusted advisors”

Ronald Greenwald

“Trustworthy. Her operation is a 10/10 on integrity.”

Mande De Rome

Care manager

“Loren is great at connecting with clients and building trust. Shows great empathy and patience”

Emily Thompson

“High level of expertise in trusts and estate matter. Listens with empathy and patience.”

Sharon Vanderpool

“Thank you for your help, we all appreciate your kindness and responsiveness. We are so grateful.”