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An Orderly Transition

When a new President steps into office, we depend upon an orderly transition of power. We all pay a price if that does not happen. When an untrustworthy Trustee steps in, the estate litigation and stress exacts a price on the elder and families because of power struggles.   A Trustee named by a Trust…

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Joy Invites Practice: Practice Makes Perfect

(Revised and Republished from The Fifth Chapter Blog, original date 8/8/12) This blog article was written back when we had sports and Olympics. At a time, not so very long ago when we could measure the progress of a day by something other than how many millions of people in the world have tested positive…

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Married… With Children… and Conservator

At the 2018 Legal Assistance for Seniors Conference on Elder Abuse this past month, I was honored to be selected to speak on a panel presentation about the issues surrounding a Conservatorship when the Conservatee is married. As you might imagine, this is a tricky scenario for both the professional fiduciary and family. Although, often,…

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