Our Mission

The ACE Fiduciary Group, A Non-Profit Corporation is on a mission to curate our life for good. We complete the circle of care so often missing for orphan elders and dependent special needs adults.

We are a collaboration of professionals dedicated to offering hope to those who's family members cannot serve as a private trustee, agent, conservator or estate administrator. We are building an organization to offer a continuum of care with accountability, compassion and excellence.

About Us

  • Our Fiduciary exceeds California Licensing Requirements.
  • Our Founder, Loren has logged well over 10,000 hours to become an expert in this field.
  • We have taken ongoing education courses relevant to the responsibilities of estate management, brain functioning, conservatorship, trusts and related topics.
  • We are trained to understand undue influence and protect against elder financial abuse.
  • We fully comply with fiduciary licensing requirements and state laws.
  • We offer expertise in situations with blended families, small business management, property management, and legacy trusts.
  • We can assist families and small businesses when a neutral third party is required to close or manage an estate. A professional trustee is a must when you want to create a charitable trust to avoid IRS scrutiny.
  • We offer a fair, unbiased alternative to laying an unequal burden on family or friends
  • A Trustee is legally required to follow your decisions as written in your trust documents as well as the laws of the State of California and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.
  • Our team excels in court requirements, court accountings, business receiverships and conservator appointments.
  • A qualified licensed, professional conservator can save your family money by managing expectations and reducing areas which can often lead to ongoing litigation.

The ACE Board of Directors

Barb-Gross-Retired-CFO-circle (1)
Retired CFO
Loren A. Emmanuel
Licensed Fiduciary, MBA
Ashley Block headshot thumbnail
JD, Fiduciary Consultant
Juan Kelly
Retired Actuary

ACE Fiduciary Officers

Loren “Elle” A. Emmanuel (formerly Loren R. Acuña)
Founder, MBA, Certified Professional Licensed Fiduciary
Since 2001, Loren has applied her financial management skills to handling estates. This includes handling estate transfers, probates, trust distributions, charitable trusts, bankruptcies, conservatorships with a total valuation of well over $100 million. She has earned her 10,000 hours and become one of the most experienced private fiduciaries in the area.

Loren began her career in financial services after graduating from UC Berkeley, California. Working within the negotiated mortgage transactions industry, she learned risk assessment and best financial management practices while at various financial institutions, including Citicorp Investment Bank.

Working within the negotiated mortgage transactions industry, she learned risk assessment and best financial management practices while at various financial institutions, including Citicorp Investment Bank.

In 1992, she earned her master’s in business administration from the University of Southern California. Soon thereafter, she gained the practical skills of small business management as a consultant to start-up business and as the Treasurer for the law firm Acuña & Casas, P.C.

Loren enjoys collaborating with and getting know other professionals in the area through her involvement in such groups as the John Muir Philanthropic Advisory Group, The Conversation Project Steering Committee, PROVISORS, Trusted Advisors & Professional Services (TAPs) and other networking opportunities.

Meet the ACE Staff

Loren “Elle” A. Emmanuel (formerly Loren R. Acuña)
ACE Executive Director

Loren is thrilled to marry her professional experience in a boutique estate planning firm together with her financial management background for clients and associates. Her goal is to grow The ACE Fiduciary Group into a firm that is known throughout California as the "go to" resource for highly qualified professionals working within the estate, probate, and fiduciary field.

As a member of The Professional Fiduciary Association of California, an affiliate member of the Contra Costa County Bar, and National Guardian Association, Loren regularly teaches and presents to fiduciaries, attorneys, tax professionals, investment advisors and family member trustees on a variety of topics. Take a look here for a list of recent topics.
Heather Latiolais
ACE Case Accountant
Heather serves up practical “nuts and bolts” assistance in case accounting and administration for The ACE Fiduciary Group. Heather has worked in banking and recently completed her Associate Degree in Business from Diablo Valley College.
ACE Concierge
We are looking for the right person to fill this important role. If you have experience herding cats or otherwise can demonstrate your calm, friendly, detail focus and resonante with our mission, please contact Loren.
ACE Office Manager
Coming Soon. Another ACE star to help us in our mission of assisting "orphan elders".
Lyle Harrington
ACE Case Coordinator
Lyle Brings his BA in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island along with his previous work experience at  Fellowship Health Resources to bear as we navigate Special Needs and other areas requiring tact and skill. In addition, his financial experience with  Northwestern Mutual, and an understanding of lending through his work with Property Sciences Group gives Lyle a wonderful breadth as he works to assist Fiduicary Officers with case support. 

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