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California Donors Can Stay Anonymous

By Loren Emmanuel | July 2, 2021

Some folks prefer to remain anonymous when they support non-profits. Now California donors who give over $5,000 to a non-profit…

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Building a Crockpot Legacy

By Loren Emmanuel | May 27, 2021

ike a recipe for the children’s story of Stone Soup, we describe below “ingredients” you might consider adding to our…

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Donating IRA Assets to Charity

By Loren Emmanuel | April 23, 2021

Donating IRA assets to a charity of your choice is one of the simplest ways to have a significant impact…

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Peter’s Story: A Case Study

By Loren Emmanuel | April 23, 2021

Peter had a tragic childhood. His mother and he fled his birth country due to persecution. Eventually, he learned a…

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When Families Collide

By Loren Emmanuel | April 8, 2021

Co-authored by Loren A . Emmanuel and Victoria Greenleaf Some families learn how to make decisions together, respecting each other…

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To Stage or Not To Stage? That is the Question

By Loren Emmanuel | March 5, 2021

Co-authors Loren A. Emmanuel, Fiduciary and Michael J. Stephens, Realtor When a cash-out refinance (as we discussed last month) is…

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I Care A Lot (A Movie Review)

By Loren Emmanuel | February 26, 2021

I watched a horror movie this weekend written by J. Blakeson. The scene near the end is the biggest horror,…

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When The Castle Is The Only Treasure Chest

By Loren Emmanuel | February 12, 2021

Article co-authored by Loren Emmanuel and Julie Chroust Most people, when asked, state that they would want to live at…

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It Takes a Stage Crew for Our Final Scene (A Collaboration with Advisory Circle)

By Loren Emmanuel | January 29, 2021

The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I think we may find it takes a stage crew for our final scene.

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An Orderly Transition

By Loren Emmanuel | January 20, 2021

When a new President steps into office, we depend upon an orderly transition of power. We all pay a price…

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