Small Boxes Have The Best Surprises!

It’s the time of year when some of the best surprises come in small packages.

When we received that first check from an escrow company, I thought it was a mistake. We spoke with the escrow officer and she said, “There is no mistake. This check was directed to go to The ACE Fiduciary Group by the realtor, Michael Stephens.”

I thanked Michael but I didn’t really expect anything more. Here is where the small box turns into a wonderful surprise, over and over again.

Because it was then I remembered our brief conversation the ACE Cantina Event. He had told me about an Oakland realtor, Oral Lee Brown, who decided to give a portion of her commissions to a fund which encourages kids in Oakland to go to college. Many realtors honor her legacy of generosity by adopting special non-profits to receive regular donations from their commissions.

Michael has selected The Ace Fiduciary Group, A Non-Profit Corporation to receive regular donations at the close of each of his home sales.

Each time. Every time.

He becomes part of our mission, and his regular gifts are a great encouragement to the staff. He is a great example of a successful salesman who chooses to be generous. It’s that simple.

Generosity, giving, gratitude, giving thanks – these are the way we get in on greater things. With these regular gifts, Michael becomes part of the “safety net” in our community. He is supporting our passion of bringing compassion to our work with “orphan elders” and other vulnerable individuals.

Compassion can be defined as empathy in action. Each week or so a check arrives from Michael with no fanfare or horn tooting. Empathy in action. Each week or so, it effectively reminds us he is a successful and hard-working realtor. It reminds us that people in communities around the Bay Area see the worth of accountable, compassionate expert fiduciary services for our vulnerable population of elders.

I wonder what greater thing you might see in 2020 if you adopted a non-profit? Take this challenge for 2020 to donate a portion of each case or closing or full year of fees to a special non-profit. Then send us your story.

Remember, The ACE Fiduciary, A Non-Profit Corporation is available for adoption.  Please click here to learn more about us.

If you’d like to know more about Oral Lee Brown Foundation, you can read more here:

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