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The ACE Fiduciary Group provides professional, personal, private, trustee and fiduciary services.

  • Our Fiduciary exceeds California Licensing Requirements.
  • Our Founder, Loren has logged well over 10,000 hours into become an expert in this field.
  • We have taken ongoing education courses relevant to the responsibilities of estate management, brain functioning, conservatorship, trusts and related topics.
  • We are trained to understand undue influence and protect against elder financial abuse.
  • We fully comply with fiduciary licensing requirements and state laws.
  • We offer expertise in situations with blended families, small business management, property management, & legacy trusts.
  • We can assist families and small businesses when a neutral third party is required to close or manage an estate. A professional trustee is a must when you want to create a charitable trust to avoid IRS scrutiny.
  • We offer a fair, unbiased alternative to laying an unequal burden on family or friends
  • A Trustee is legally required to follow your decisions as written in your trust documents as well as the laws of the State of California and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.
  • Our team excels in court requirements, court accountings, business receiverships and conservator appointments.
  • A qualified licensed, professional conservator can save your family money by managing expectations and reducing areas which can often lead to ongoing litigation.

“My work etches the beauty of each unique soul into my heart forever.”  - Loren A. Emmanuel


Mark Shaw


“She exercises wisdom and prudence”

Mande De Rome

Care Manager

“Loren is great with boundaries and professionalism”

David B. Pastor


“Loren is able to handle conflict in inter family issues.”

Francesca Vogel

Homecare Assistance

“Partners and works well with her team of trusted advisors”

Ronald Greenwald

“Trustworthy. Her operation is a 10/10 on integrity.”

Mande De Rome

Care manager

“Loren is great at connecting with clients and building trust. Shows great empathy and patience”

Emily Thompson

“High level of expertise in trusts and estate matter. Listens with empathy and patience.”

Sharon Vanderpool

“Thank you for your help, we all appreciate your kindness and responsiveness. We are so grateful.”